September 29, 2023
Guest Posting

Technology Guest Posting Sites & Blogs to Submit Guest Posts

Guest posting or blogging stands for publishing content on websites we do not own. This means that if you are a blogger and own a blog but post content on another blog you do not own, that would be considered guest posting.

Business Blog

When someone posts on a blog they do not own, they are usually called a guest contributor or guest author. If you are someone who is into this you must know the best technology guest posting sites. In this article, we are going to talk about the best technology blogs that accept guest posts.

Benefits of guest posting

Guest posting can have many benefits and the first two are obvious: when you post on another person’s blog you are gaining social media following and increasing traffic to your blog. This way you will attract new potential visitors and contributors.

When you attract new visitors and customers your blog is becoming more popular and that way you are building your following and your rankings. When you refer to your blog you are building natural backlinks and in that way increasing quality.

Technical SEO Important

You will rank better in search engines because all you need is many backlinks leading to your page and guest posting is the best-case scenario out there for that. Not only this but you are also giving other brands a chance to work with you and you are strengthening the alliance between you and your customers.

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This means that if you guest post on a popular blog, other blogs will see that and they will want to work with you. Like this, you are making a thread of potential blogs to work with and expanding your popularity and exposure. Your exposure will skyrocket and you will have many blogs that will want to work with you in no time!

How to find sites that accept guest blogging

To do guest blogging you have to actually find sites that accept such things. Many ways can help you find sites and I am going to present you with a few of them so you can choose which one you prefer the most.

The best way is to just pull up this List of 5,000+ Sites That Accept Guest Posts and find more than 5,000 sites that accept guest posts and choose which one you like the best and want to use. They are all in one place and you can click on every site that seems interesting and see what it is about. There are many possibilities and you can take them all!


If you want the old-fashioned way you can use Google Search but for it to be efficient, you have to use it properly. You can use it with keywords which is more effective and will give you results sooner. This way your search will be focused and not all over the place.

Social media is also an option. You can also use Twitter but you have to be smart about it and use “Advanced Search” on Twitter and type in your keywords so you can find the latest tweets directed to that keyword. Just like with Google Search, this way you will narrow your search down by focusing on certain keywords and find what you are looking for easier.

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Social Logos

The easiest way is through forums and social media groups which you can also turn to and search through how many you like. This way you will see other experiences and comments about certain sites and already know what is waiting for you by using any of them.

As you can see, there are many ways to find sites that accept guest blogging so you have many to choose from!

List of 50+ technology sites available for guest posting

After talking about guest posting and its’ benefits, we have mentioned how you can find sites that allow guest posting. In this part of the article, we are going to make a list of the best 50+ technology sites available for guest posting. Read away and choose the one you like the most!

To conclude

In this article, we have talked about technology guest posting sites & blogs to submit guest posts. We have explained what guest posting is and how it works as well as some of its benefits. We can’t deny that guest posting is very useful and helpful in growing your audience and following as well as increasing your popularity in search engines and therefore can be very efficient to use.

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To do guest posting, you have to find sites that allow you to guest post and we have also explained how to do that and made a list of 50+ technology sites available for guest posting. The easiest way is still through the List of 5,000+ Sites That Accept Guest Posts where you can find them all in one place and in the previous section of our article. It is all up to you!