June 17, 2024

Cool Team Building Ideas for Virtual Assistants

To some, planning a remote team-building event may sound absurd. We’ve heard that face-to-face communication is superior. Yes, but the health issue has made it more challenging to schedule employee meetings with collaboration tools.

Similarly, not all businesses, especially those that permit teleworking, are fortunate enough to bring together employees who are occasionally dispersed across the world.

Virtual assistants can be the most important part of your staff especially if your business is online. That is why we decided to share some activities to encourage them and increase their motivation and appreciation.

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Here is a list of suggestions to bring your remote team together and let them laugh while working through an issue.

How to Start The Process?

Before you will start to implement team-building ideas, you should have a proper time tracking and the effect of employee monitoring will show you the overall situation in the workplace. Based on the data, you can create the flow of team building.

1. A virtual escape game

When it comes to team building, the escape game is a great classic. The members of your team may find a variety of scenarios interesting between the “Heist of the Century” escape game, the “Casa de Papel” challenge, and the “Prison Break” format escape game.

Among the majority of the animations available online, a specialized actor tells the narrative while serving as a go-between for the players and the gaming environment.

2. A cooking workshop

A fun hobby is “team cooking” with a remote chef, “home cooking,” or “live cooking.” There are many options for appetizers, meals, sweets, and pastries, including “organic” and multicultural cuisine.

The benefit: since you’re at home and ready to dine, you may ask questions in real-time, and everything is prepared. Fans of food shows will enjoy this workshop.

3. A private concert

Hosting a private concert is the most innovative and “classy” entertainment. But corporate event experts keep participants from becoming passive in front of a screen or becoming bored.

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The goal is to identify the songs the singer played, either solo or with a team. Here you can check the best virtual events your employees will love. If you want to create an event website check out WordPress events plugins to easily build your platform.

4. Magic tricks

This task is creative and will excite workers of all ages. They will learn a few home remedies with a teacher and come across more. Many interactive magic tricks may be performed with coworkers, revealing the mythical tricks of our youth.

Plus, the magician will show you the fundamentals of mentalism! After the task, you can organize a ceremony on a positive note and give your employees gifts to motivate them.

5. A musical blind test

Remote musical blind tests are available from numerous websites and event planners. It must be acknowledged that success is frequently a given! If you can identify the performer or song from a musical excerpt before anyone else, you win! However, it is advised to establish the groundwork in the video to prevent screaming into your headset!

6. A police investigation or murder party

Who hasn’t fantasized about investigating while acting as a police officer, a profiler, or a detective, as in the television series “The Experts”? You’ll need to gather evidence, spot hints, determine the motive, and interrogate potential suspects. This promises to be exciting!

7. An interactive quiz

The quiz is, without a doubt, the leading team-building animation! You can plan massive quizzes using tools like Kahoot (free) or the Breton Klaxoon. Most reputable event organizers also provide this kind of entertainment.

“Let’s Play,” created by Happy Unity, features an on-set host shot with live-streaming broadcasts to staff members’ homes or workplaces. The Millionaire Game, Trivial Pursuit, Questions for a Champion, Jeopardy, or Burger Quiz are some examples of popular games that you might use as inspiration for your “custom” quiz.

If there are fans of drawing games, you can organize a competition among them and ask them to draw the eyes of team members and others should guess whose eyes it is. They skim drawing eyes for beginners, which will help them learn the basics of drawing. Through this game, they can capture the eyes and foresee the mood. This quiz will help them to improve their drawing skills by providing tips on drawing eyes and understanding who is more careful seeing your face.

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8. A Treasure Hunt

The kids’ and adults’ favorite treasure hunt! Teams can compete, explore the streets virtually of one or more cities or a secret island, and solve secrets and puzzles.

With the aid of the game masters, participants quickly become involved in the game and unwind to break out of their daily teleworker routine and strengthen relationships that have been weakened by geographic distance.

9. A serious game

A “serious objective” and a fun element are combined in a serious game, which can be a board game, role-playing game, video game, etc.

It enables staff members to incorporate corporate messages (communication, awareness, etc.), learn new skills, or collaborate on lessons in a relaxed setting. It can also help address business issues such as CSR, moving, change, quality, crisis management, etc.

10. A virtual race

Virtual races, whether they involve cycling, jogging, or the Vendée Globe and its Virtual Regatta, are always uplifting and stimulating. Many marathons, including New York ones, have gone digital in 2020.

Therefore, nothing is stopping you from forming a team that wears bibs with your company’s logo on them. Everyone runs independently; however, the times are typically recorded using a program made available by the race’s organizer. And more than one will be motivated by competition for charity!

Using a video game console to race cars like Mario Kart can also give your staff members a fun chance to test themselves online.

And remember to organize fun activities with your team. You can organize bike matches and invite them. Choose your favorite type of vehicle, either an electric tricycle or a rear-wheel drive, and ask them to join you for a game. These investments will help you take your team buildings to the next level.

11. A relaxation activity at home

The selection of online courses has increased significantly, not just since the first confinement but even before the health crisis. Free courses are widely available online.

To ensure success, choose a teacher with expertise instead. By providing a brief moment of relaxation to your staff with this animation, you may help them cope with any stress or physical tension that comes with teleworking. If your team wants to burn off steam differently, you could offer them a bodybuilding or boxing session!

Another option for relaxation is to use HR software to help you manage your time and stress levels when dealing with staffing and employee decisions. This can be highly beneficial in keeping you and your team organized and on track while also providing a way to monitor their progress and see where they need to improve.

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12. A video challenge

It is possible to collaborate on a movie remotely! Staging, performing, and producing a scene to express and illustrate a thought or a topic, followed by a quick edit… For amateurs, this can seem ambitious, yet today we can accomplish amazing things with smartphones.

It is also possible to lip-dub (a playback of a song) remotely by asking your team members to record themselves dancing and singing to a song or a part. The outcome could be fantastic if your collaborators play the game, but editing skills will be necessary.

13. A digital escape game

It’s now possible to travel the globe with several other people using a computer! This online game features videoconference animation, real-time help, and a videoconference platform.

This is a team-building activity that assures parties of 3 to 300 individuals of an “excellent trip.” No special computer knowledge is needed for this road trip; only a computer linked through a video conference will do.

14. The question box

This animation lets your staff open up and share their secrets on the same crazy and entertaining confessional reality TV shows. Getting to know one another better is the goal. Of course, they can “buzzer” the ones they choose to ignore.

With sometimes surprising revelations, the excellent atmosphere and the giggles are often there. However, the series of questions is typically pre-determined between the client and the organizer to minimize embarrassment.

If you plan your team-building activities prior to Christmas then you can include eco-friendly Christmas gifts for your employees. It will increase their motivation and it will be a nice treat from you as an employer.

15. The special “Sustainable Development” team building

The concept of CSR, sometimes known as “corporate social responsibility,” rapidly enforces itself in seminars, rewards programs, and team-building exercises. There are different animations to sensitize its collaborators while removing the scary aspect of the issue.

A serious game, DIY workshops (Do It Yourself: cosmetics, cleaning goods, etc.), or workshops on organic and vegetarian cooking, zero waste, or detox might be declined in place of other sorts of animation.