July 19, 2024

5 Must-Know Facts About Crypto Exchanges

Whether you are thinking about starting a cryptocurrency exchange or are an experienced investor, it’s essential to know the facts about crypto exchanges before making a purchase.

You’ll need to understand the laws and regulations that apply to these exchanges to avoid fraud and money laundering. These laws apply to exchanges as well as the providers of these exchanges.


Coinbase is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, but before you sign up for an account, there are a few things you should know. Its user interface is straightforward and clutter-free, and it’s a dashboard that displays essential information at a glance. It includes account settings, trading features, and fiat purchases.

Security – Another reason crypto exchange users want to use Coinbase is that they can be confident in the safety of their funds. Coinbase stores 98% of customer assets offline, which means they’re protected from online thieves. Furthermore, Coinbase is backed by FDIC insurance for up to $250,000 per customer. This exchange has never been hacked or experienced significant cryptocurrency theft.


For new users of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, there are some facts that they should know before trading. First, they only offer some coins.

The exchange only supports a handful of cryptocurrencies, but users can trade dozens of others. In addition, the platform allows users to create futures and derivatives backed by non-stablecoin cryptocurrencies. It will enable users to gain leverage over the price of cryptocurrencies without the risk of liquidation.

Binance was founded by Changpeng Zhao, a man with a background in finance and trading, and he has been successful in other ventures. He also co-founded OKCoin and led the exchange’s initial coin offering.

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The Binance team also includes Yi He, a leading cryptocurrency expert, and co-founder of OKCoin. The exchange is currently closely partnering with the famous Chinese blockchain protocol NEO’s innovative economy.


If you are considering using a crypto exchange, IXFI should be on your shortlist. Founder and CEO Cristian Andrei aims to make the crypto market a safe and accessible place for individuals to invest and trade.

They offer a seamless experience, minimal fees, and high security. Their goal is to be an all-encompassing platform for crypto investors. They also aim to provide card solutions and crypto loans, among other services.

The IXFI platform is an all-in-one alternative to traditional banking. This platform has been designed by a group of experienced, committed entrepreneurs and provides secure and fast transactions.

The IXFI wallet supports up to 500 different coins, and users can practice trading and participate in barter trades on the platform. This service is entirely secure, and the IXFI team offers 24-hour support.


Bitfinex is a significant cryptocurrency exchange that supports various trading options and cryptocurrency products. Its features cater to both beginner and advanced users.

Its trading fees are meager, and most trades cost less than 0.20%. However, there are several issues with Bitfinex, including a history of fraudulent practices and regulatory missteps.

First, Bitcoin held through an exchange is significantly less secure than stored on a personal computer. It is because exchanges split bitcoin between hot and cold wallets, and the latter is permanently connected to the internet and susceptible to hacks.

The most common way to hold your wallet through an exchange is on a “custodial” basis, in which the exchange maintains one wallet for its customers.

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Poloniex is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to trade and supports a tiered account system. It allows users to benefit from increased transaction limits and lower fees the higher your verification level. Level one accounts enable users to deposit an unlimited amount of money and withdraw a fixed amount daily.

Level two accounts require users to provide additional data. These accounts offer increased deposit and withdrawal limits and account managers to assist users with their trades.

Poloniex offers a comprehensive trading experience, though it could be better for traders with limited experience or technical knowledge. However, it does have a robust social media presence that allows users to interact with other traders to gain insight into trading strategies.

Other exchange features include spot trading, margin trading, and margin lending. There are also mobile apps available for both Android and iOS devices. In addition, it recently upgraded its software, resulting in much faster withdrawal times.