June 17, 2024
3 Concerns for Heavy Equipment moving in winter

3 Concerns for Heavy Equipment moving in winter

Driving becomes difficult in winter. Low visibility, slippery roads, snow and rain, and other such challenges make driving any vehicle pretty difficult in winter. The difficulty increases significantly when it involves heavy machine moving. The sensitive nature of the job calls for extra caution and care to perform the job successfully as well as safely.

Heavy haul in winter is a significantly challenging task because the weather can affect the operational performance of a truck, causing transportation delays. Instead of starting just like that, and finding you looking for help in the middle of nowhere, we recommend ensuring a few things for smooth transportation. Therefore, it is important to check a few things for a hassle-free job. Heavy equipment moving companies must take care of vehicles’ maintenance especially if they are operating in a cold region with a temperature lower than zero degrees centigrade.

In this article, we have discussed 3 points of concern for equipment moving companies during winter.

1. Pour Point for fluids

In cold regions, the fluids in a truck can get congealed. When the temperature drops beyond a certain point, lubricants or other fluids may lose their fluidity, as they become vicious, and can’t circulate in the engine. Another problem blended oils experience is stratification i-e they separate into different states. It happens because the binding agents precipitate when the temperature falls beyond the pour point. Both phenomenons affect the performance of heavy haul because lubricants and other fluids cannot perform in a cold environment.

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If you are to heavy haul during winter, it is important to understand the dynamics of your vehicle as well as the behavior of lubricants so that you can find a solution accordingly. One solution is Polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic oil. It is an ideal lubricant for regions where the temperature falls below -20C. PAO’s pour point exists at -50C, which allows it to perform well even in cold temperatures.

2. Heavy Haul Components

Temperature tends to affect the performance of heavy equipment moving trucks. Equipment moving companies must ensure that all the components of trucks are functional and perform optimally. This includes checking the engine and battery.

Before you hit the road with a truck loaded with heavy equipment, analyze the condition of the engine. Check the fuel, lubricant, and hydraulic systems to ensure that vehicle will start smoothly. Any problem with the engine’s performance will not only delay the project but also cause trouble for you on your way to equipment moving.

The next thing you must analyze and evaluate is the air pressure in tires. Filled tires can burst due to the heavy load of the equipment. Under-filled tires can easily go flat when the vehicle is loaded with heavy machinery.

The battery can become another challenge during heavy equipment moving because a small mistake with jumper cables can amount to a serious disaster. Make sure you don’t charge a frozen battery as it can lead to an explosion.

3. Performance of the Vehicle

In a cold environment, the vehicle can have trouble starting up because the hoses and wires become brittle in a freezing environment. Even once you start it, and hit the road; it might stop working due to the cold temperature on your way.

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We suggest not rushing into anything with heavy machinery moving in winter. Instead, take time to warm up machines for smooth performance. Also, ensure that atmospheric systems are in good working condition to avoid any unexpected problems on your journey.

The windscreen can lose its visibility due to fog. Therefore, the headlights must be in great working condition. Even if you have to make the journey during the day, don’t get too comfortable with the broken headlight you have yet to get fixed. Likewise, a viper will keep your windscreen visible enough to see what lies ahead of you n the road.

Final Words.

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