June 17, 2024
onlyfans memes

OnlyFans Take the Tumblr route and Memes are afoot

OnlyFans, a video-sharing site based in the United Kingdom, has made a new decision to prohibit sexually explicit content. Not surprisingly, Twitter has taken up the cause, and, predictably, memes are on the rise. After all, Twitter has progressed to the point where OnlyFans memes have become a reflex reaction to any news. And OnlyFans’ modernized version of abstinence has activated all the sarcasm cells in Twitter users’ brains. Twitter, for the record, never runs out of memes, regardless of the ban or plan.

The What and Why

OnlyFans is a site well-known for its creators’ adult videos and photos. The catch has now arrived in the form of a ban on adult material, which will go into effect on October 1st. The fact that the site has a large user base, particularly because of the type of content that has resulted in the ban in the form of a grim reaper, raises a lot of questions. The ban appears to be the result of constant pressure from banking partners and payment providers. After all, when the pressure comes from those who supply the fuel, necessary changes must be made, no matter how difficult they are. However, according to reports, despite the ban, the site is generous to some of the creators.

The prohibition does not imply that lewd content will be completely prohibited. There appear to be some loopholes in the prohibition, which will most likely be exploited to the fullest extent by the creators. Creators may post naked images as long as they follow the guidelines. However, BBC reports painting a different picture of how content moderation falls short. Only time will tell how OnlyFans memes will handle this unexpected turn of events.

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Responses on Twitter

Following the announcement of the ban, Twitter has been flooded with memes. Most Twitter users are deftly drawing parallels between OnlyFans memes and Tumblr, as the latter has implemented a similar ban. When there are parallels, it makes it easier for memes to intersect. Let’s have a look.

As they say, “there is a first time for everything.”

Self-destruction sounds about right in this context.

If memes weren’t so funny, the burn would have been too hard to endure. Just saying.