July 19, 2024

How Can You be More Charitable?

Charity is something that only brings peace of mind but also gets the finance rolling in the community. Through charity, only the global difference in financial classes can be removed. 11% of the global wealth is owned by the world’s richest people, meaning their fair share of donations can eradicate problems like hunger completely.

You must be feeling you don’t have enough money or assets to be charitable. But, surprisingly, it’s not the presence of the assets that make you more charitable, but the presence of empathy, and they want to do good. Helping widows, children, and the needy around the globe takes a lot more than just money.

Following are some of the ways to practice charity that will help you be more charitable.

Health is wealth, and make sure to donate from this wealth to save precious human lives. There are many organizations that work day and night and collect different blood groups to help the ones in need of urgent blood transfusions. Most Thalassemia patients benefit from such organizations because they often need a blood transfusion to survive.


If you do not have any disease, Diabetes or any other blood disorder, find your nearest blood donation trust, and donate at least one bottle to begin your journey of being more charitable in life.

Donating unwanted items like old clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories is also a non-financial way to become more charitable. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever; you will find a plethora of clothing banks installed by different charitable organizations at different locations that serve as the collection points for the old clothes and bags that you don’t use anymore.

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Make sure to wash and iron your old clothes properly before donating, as it increases the value in the eyes of the people receiving the donations. Another way of improving such donations is by properly packing and labeling the clothes before donating. It helps the organization in distributing the clothes among the right age groups.

Even Smiling is Charity

The essence of charity lies in being more empathetic and kind. Even if you smile for someone with an intention to lighten up their mood or for the sake of being kind, it will fall into charity.

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You can never have nothing to donate

When you have nothing in your bank account or in your closet to give to charity, you will always have a smile to pass on. You will always have the power to make someone feel good about themselves. Similarly, you can help people with something you’re good at, and you can share your knowledge, give someone valuable advice and say kind words as baby steps towards practicing charity.

Find a Cause to Help Others

You will not be able to force yourself into being more charitable unless you sync with the cause you’re donating for. How can you be an empath when you wouldn’t put yourself in others’ shoes? It would be best to lean on a cause that motivates you to help others. You will only then be able to be an empath in its real essence.

The cause could be health-related or ethics-related; for instance, if you are a health professional, you might want to promote the best healthcare practices for all people in the world, irrespective of their class. You can donate to health projects that give ambulances or other health-related services to the poor in society.

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Buy From Charity-Dedicated Brands

The charity’s dedicated shopping adds to the essence of the giving. There are many brands and companies that provide charity-dedicated projects for you to donate to and shop at the same time. When you buy from charity-dedicated stores to buy your daily stuff, a part of your spending goes to various charity organizations. In this way, you are indirectly donating to a better cause without actually spending on charity.

Sometimes, celebrities also conduct different auctions to sell specific belongings. Many people and fans love to buy those products. Make sure when you buy something from auctions, buy it from platforms that have announced to donate a percentage of their earnings to charitable organizations.