July 19, 2024
Black Friday 2022

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2023

Black Friday, as everyone is aware, is the ideal time to purchase new items or renew your subscriptions.

Black Friday offers only exist for a short period of time, ranging from a few days to a few weeks, so it’s critical to keep track of them. And if you don’t take advantage of them, you might pay three times as much, if not more, when your memberships expire.

To make it easier for you to stay on top of this season’s sales and discounts, we have compiled a list of all the most recent Black Friday bargains.


Welcome to the future of tech. The top deals of 2023 return this Black Friday for the biggest sale of the year, along with new surprise tool drops. Grab ‘em for 10% off before they’re gone!

Valid from November 20th, 2022 till December 1st, 2022

WP Reset

You've made a "mess" on your website, or it just got too cluttered with time? No problem, giving it a fresh start will only take a few seconds and a couple of clicks with the WP Reset plugin. This plugin is a true gem that will enable you to reset your entire site or just parts of it using its collection of resetting tools. These tools range from full resets that wipe an entire site clean to partial resets that get rid of things like plugins, themes, users, widgets, content, and so on with just 1 click. And if you're afraid of possibly regretting doing a reset, you'll be happy to hear that this plugin can create database snapshots that you can later restore and take your site back to a previous state. Oh, and one last thing, with WP Reset, you can also create plugin (+theme) collections and have them ready in the cloud.
Use code bf2023reset on checkout.

Valid from November 20th, 2023 till December 10th, 2023

Simple Author Box

You run a blog that features many authors, sometimes even guests and co-authors, and you need a way to credit them for their work? Give them an author bio box using the Simple Author Box plugin! This plugin will include author bio boxes (responsive ones) at the end of your WP blog posts. The boxes can contain everything from the author’s name, Gravatar, bio, to 30+ different social media icons and links. Having co-authors won't be a problem anymore since you will have the option to assign multiple authors to one article. And when it comes to guest authors, you will be able to credit them without having to create a WordPress user account for each.
Use code bf2023sab on checkout.

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Valid from November 20th, 2023 till December 10th, 2023

WP 301 Redirects

Broken links are a nightmare to you and your site visitors, so make sure they are a thing of the past, at least when it comes to your site. How? Well, by implementing redirects, of course, using the WP 301 Redirects plugin. This user-friendly plugin has the ability to monitor changes in your site's URLs and patches them up instantly by setting up appropriate redirect rules. Along with being user-friendly, this plugin is also pretty "smart" since it can prevent all bad bots from ever reaching your site but will still allow Google bots to do their job. And if that wasn't enough, the plugin will also provide you with detailed insights into the traffic on your site using built-in charts. Control sites remotely, generate brandable PDF reports, rebrand the entire site, and much more.
Use code bf2023wp301 on checkout.

Valid from November 20th, 2023 till December 10th, 2023

WP Captcha

Safeguard your WordPress site from spam comments & brute force attacks. Use a firewall, block countries, add honeypots to catch bots, and much more to protect your WP site.
Use code bf2023wpc on checkout.

Valid from November 20th, 2023 till December 10th, 2023


Under construction, under maintenance, coming soon, sales, landing, and any other simple types of pages can be created within minutes using the UnderConstructionPage plugin. Equipped with a great page builder, 210+ customizable page templates, over a million free HD or 4K images, this plugin is truly a force to be reckoned with. And to top it all off, it can even be of great help with tracking traffic and conversion rates.
Use code bf2023ucp on checkout.

Valid from November 20th, 2023 till December 10th, 2023

WooCommerce Order Export

Quickly export your WooCommerce orders into Excel or CSV formats. Besides the essential functions, the PRO version of the plugin lets you handle custom data like shipping, customers, coupons, categories, etc. Schedule the exports, receive reports via email, and control the data as you want.
Use code bf2023oe on checkout.

Valid from November 20th, 2023 till December 10th, 2023

WP Force SSL

SSL is not a question of choice anymore. Everyone with a site has to have a proper certificate, and this plugin will let you manage yours. Access the professional tools, monitor your SSL certificate and content automatically for more than 50 errors, and get notified if something changes or goes wrong.
Use code bf2023ssl on checkout.

Valid from November 20th, 2023 till December 10th, 2023

WP Sticky

Most people hate anything sticky unless we're talking about WordPress site elements. These are just so fun and convenient and can be created in seconds using the WP Sticky plugin! Regardless if it's a widget, navigation, menu, header, whatever, this plugin will make it sticky. And no, it doesn't involve any complicated coding; you will only be picking elements off the screen. The plugin doesn't limit you on the number of elements you can make sticky, nor does it conflict with any themes, page builders, or plugins.
Use code bf2023sticky on checkout.

Valid from November 20th, 2023 till December 10th, 2023

Login Lockdown

Protect Your Site & Login Form Before Bad Guys Even Get To Them. Just set up a couple of options, and let Login Lockdown keep the bad guys away for all the sites you manage. Use the firewall, block bots, customize the login screen, and much more.
Use code bf2023ll on checkout.

Valid from November 20th, 2023 till December 10th, 2023

WP Links

Even the smallest sites have thousands of links. Do they work? Are they do-follow or no-follow? Do they open in a new tab or point to malicious sites? Control and fix links with one click.
Use code bf2023links on checkout.

Valid from November 20th, 2023 till December 10th, 2023

NameDiscountDescriptionValid FromValid Till
Responsive Menu Pro - The Ultimate WordPress Mobile Menu Plugin30%

Responsive Menu Plugin came as a blessing for WordPress users, people with zero-coding knowledge can now build awesome website menus. Replace your old boring unresponsive menu with a mobile-friendly and Responsive Hamburger Menu.

Nov 23rdNov 30th

TemplateMonster is a renowned digital marketplace offering a wide range of premium and free products for all web projects and needs. This platform is a treasure trove for web designers and developers, as well as marketing experts and everyone interested in high-quality web design assets.

Nov 1stNov 30th

FooGallery is an easy-to-use WordPress photo gallery plugin that lets you create stunning photo galleries. There are 3 Pro plans, from Starter to Commerce, so you can select the features you need. Get 30% off all annual FooGallery licenses, using the promo code: FooBF30.

Nov 15thNov 30th

Cloudways is a leading managed cloud hosting platform that empowers businesses with seamless and scalable hosting solutions. With a user-friendly interface and support for multiple cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud, and DigitalOcean, Cloudways ensures optimal performance and flexibility. The

Nov 13thJan 1st
Wbcom Designs30%

Get ready for the ultimate Black Friday and Cyber Monday extravaganza at Wbcom Designs, your go-to destination for WordPress Themes and Plugins! Explore a wide range of premium WordPress themes and plugins that will supercharge your website's capabilities. Coupon Code: BFCM30

Nov 24thDec 1st
Checkout Field Editor & Manager for WooCommerce30%

Streamline the process with 17+ custom fields, including text, email, and date pickers. Arrange fields intuitively with drag-and-drop functionality, tailoring the checkout to your brand. Ensure data accuracy with automatic field validation, maximizing conversions. Elevate your store's efficiency.

Oct 25thNov 27th
MainWP Pro25%

The ONLY Non-SaaS self-hosted WordPress Management Dashboard with a focus on privacy and security. Get started for free! Our Black Friday Deal runs through the month of November. Get the annual subscription (regularly $199/yr) for only $149/yr FOR LIFE!

Nov 1stDec 1st
Meta Box30%

Meta Box is a powerful, professional, and lightweight toolkit for developers to create custom meta boxes and custom fields for any custom post type in WordPress.

Nov 20thDec 30th
Slim SEO50%

Slim SEO is an SEO plugin that auto optimizes your WordPress websites with minimal effort and technical terms.

Nov 20thDec 30th
WP VR40%

WP VR is a user-friendly WordPress plugin that allows you to effortlessly create captivating virtual tours directly from your website's dashboard.You can add location-specific information,zooming options, special features, images & videos of special features in the different scenes in a virtual tour

Nov 22ndDec 5th
WordPress themes and plugins UNLIMITED PACK50%

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale at DJ-Extensions

Save 50% on any WordPress purchase (themes and plugins) of your choice.

You can also get the Unlimited Pack (including all products storewide) 50% OFF - for €98.50 only!

Use the discount code: BLACK23 and take advantage of the biggest deal!

Nov 20thNov 29th
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