June 17, 2024
Videos On Facebook

How To Create Impressive Videos On Facebook

A recent Nielsen study in collaboration with Facebook revealed that even a 3-second video uplifts ad recall, purchase consideration, and brand awareness. If you have yet to create impressive videos on Facebook, don’t worry; it’s never too late. 

Taking into account the opinions of experts as well as my personal experience, I can indeed say Facebook videos are an effective way to connect and interact with your target audience. I’ve used a Facebook video editor, and it has helped me create video ads that instantly increase my brand’s connection with its audience. 

I suggest you take a good look at your Facebook analytics. If you’re already using native Facebook videos, their audience engagement metrics will surpass those of your other posts on any platform in most instances. In a 2017 study, it was found that native Facebook videos generate more viewer engagement statistics than posts made on any other platform.

Many of you think it’s hard to create video content, right? The thought of shooting a video, editing it, and adding effects may already seem hectic. However, it is easier than you think. Today, I will share some exciting details to help you learn how to create impressive videos on Facebook.

What works best for videos on Facebook?

If you use Facebook, you’ll know that videos on this platform’s news feed auto-play silently. Some users will pause scrolling and watch the entire video on auto-play, while others will click on the play button to watch the video with audio on full screen. Keeping this in mind, I advise you to have a good banner maker and create videos on Facebook that are: 

  • Captioned or silent: The fact that videos on Facebook auto-play on mute means that you have to be able to connect and communicate via video without sounds or words. Just make sure your audience can watch your Facebook video without audio and still understand its gist. 
  • Annotations: Show tutorials with comments or annotations to ensure they make sense even without the audio playing. I suggest using highlights or arrows to demarcate screen recordings. 
  • Captions: Captions guide your silent video-watching audience through the entire playback without them having to unmute the audio to understand the contents.  
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Create eye-catching Facebook videos

Do you wish to make every viewer stop scrolling past your video without a glance? If so, you’ll need access to the best Facebook video editor to make your video captivating. Try to avoid having just a simple talking head in your video. I suggest using multiple shorts and incorporating text overlay, movement, and bold colours to grab and engage your audience’s attention. 

If editing is not your cup of tea, consider your options. For example, try to take a walking, talking shot; what do you need to pull this off? A selfie stick and a helpful friend who can hold the camera while you walk.  

Try to keep the shots snappy and short, and focus on maintaining a single short on the audience’s screen for no more than 10 seconds. Cutting between unique shot sizes and distinct angles will ensure your audience stays interested in the video. I would suggest mapping out a series of short shots to make your story progress forward. 

Try keeping your videos short and sweet

When you watch a video, it consumes you entirely, right? It would help if you gave it your 100% focus and concentration. If viewers are watching your video, they are investing time in your content and you would do well to remember this.

In contrast to YouTube, Facebook won’t show the time duration of a video unless you click to play. This is the point where most of the audience determines whether they’ll continue watching your video or not. On average, you get only the first 10 seconds of your video to grab the audience’s attention and engage them with the video. 

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Here, I recommend creating a video that starts with a hook notifying the audience of the value of watching your video. Make sure you cover this part within the first 10 seconds of your video. 

Determine the purpose of your video

Whenever you create a video for Facebook, make sure it’s either entertaining, informative, or educational. If your content isn’t any of these, don’t post the video. If there’s no value in watching your video, your viewers won’t spend any time doing so.

Try to make a list of videos that you want to create. You can create videos like stories, tips, or case studies. Tips can be valuable for video content as audiences usually love to consume knowledge that can be shared or boasted in short snippets. Stories are compelling as well. If you want to share a customer story, get their permission and go for it!

Tips to upload your Facebook video

Uploading videos from your desktop or mobile are the two available options, and I would recommend using your desktop. With a desktop, you get more options, making the editing process more seamless. 

Here are some more tips on how to upload your Facebook video: 

  • Name the video: You may already know that Facebook videos appear on both Google search and Facebook. I strongly recommend incorporating a keyword into your video title to optimize it for search engines. This will make you or your business easy to find. 
  • Include a description: The description pops up above the video when you share it on Facebook. I suggest creating an engaging video and letting your audience know what this video is all about and what it offers the audience. This step will be similar to what you did in the first 10 seconds of your video. 
  • Thumbnail: You can upload a customized thumbnail for your video or use one from Facebook’s collection. I believe that custom thumbnails are always more effective. For videos, create a thumbnail that comes with a text overlay. 
  • Subtitles: Adding a subtitle file to your video brings you two benefits: 
    • You will create a video accessible to people with hearing problems. 
    • You will attract and retain viewers who prefer to watch videos with the audio off. 
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Also, you should know that Facebook will auto-generate captions, which are often inaccurate. So, it’s better to add your own caption file. 

  • Call-To-Action button: If you use a call to action (CTA) with a link back to your website, the CTA will display under the video when the viewers watch it. It’s one of the fastest ways to drive the audience to your site. However, it’s imperative to know that CTA buttons are only accessible when you boost the Facebook video post. To get the buttons, you have to boost your Facebook video for a single day at the rate of $1. 

Final thoughts 

With this comprehensive guide, you will now know how to make impressive and unique Facebook videos. You’ll soon become an expert as you continue to create and edit videos. If you’re a business owner and creating and editing a video seems like it would be a big hassle for your marketing team, hire a professional video creation company, and leave your audience engagement metrics in the hands of experts!