May 27, 2024
8 Environment-Friendly Ways of Recycling Wooden Pallets

8 Environment-Friendly Ways of Recycling Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets are racks used to hold and store items. They are ideal if you are dealing with fresh items such as fruits and vegetables, or those items which are not too heavy such as metal machinery parts. These pallets provide reliable storage for shipping items over a considerable distance. Although corrugated pallets are lightweight, this does not compromise their reliability or durability. Instead, they lower the cost of shipping because they can be easily lifted and moved around. You don’t have to hire more labor or machinery to lift wooden pallets. This makes them a safer option as there is a reduced risk of injury for people handling wooden pallets.

Another advantage of wooden pallets is their ability to be customized as per use and need. This makes them suitable to store a wide range of commodities. Moreover, wooden pallets are safer than other kinds of storage options such as metal or PVC pallets.

The best part about wooden pallets is that they are environmentally friendly. Even if you need to discard them, you can do it without damaging the environment. Instead, there are various ways in which you can reuse them. Let’s take a look at 8 ways you can reuse them.

8 Creative Ways to Reuse Wooden Pallets

So, everything has a shelf life. Even the shelves, racks, and pallets have a life. After a certain period, wooden racks wear off and don’t remain useful. Therefore, they have to be discarded lest they cause safety or security threat. From painting them to making rustic decoration pieces to using them as doors, there are various ways of reusing wooden pallets which do not cause any damage to the environment.

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1. Decorative Item

A wooden pallet can look good as a decorative item. You can paint it white for contemporary interior décor. Or even if you want a rustic décor, you can paint it in any vivid color such as red or blue. Add a string of blinking lights, and it will reflect greatly on your abilities to be an interior décor.

2. Place it on Lawn

A discarded wooden pallet will look great in the place from where it came- the lawn. You can put a painted pallet against the wall, or along the tree trunk. A pallet big in size can be used to house small planters. You can also grow a creeper along it if you wish to impress others with your creativity.

3. A Patio Deck

Say you have a lot of wooden pallets at your disposal, you can’t possibly use them in your home as decorative pieces, nor you can put all of them in your garden. The best way is to make a patio deck for your home with these discarded pieces. The other way around is to get the required number of pallets to make a patio deck. Conglomerates and big warehouses discard their used accessories frequently. You can get in touch with them and save yourself some money.

4. Create Furniture

While it is not possible to make a neat piece of furniture out of discarded pieces, you can always invest some effort or money to make furniture with discarded wooden pallets. It can be great for the outdoors. If it cannot be used for sitting purposes, you can make tables, bar-b-que stands, and vase stands for outdoors.

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5. Outdoor Fencing

Wood fencing looks great on all kinds of properties. It adds to the value of a property and makes it more aesthetically appealing. Wooden pallets can be used as outdoor fences. Paint them in white for a more posh appearance.

6. Items holder

Based on the size of wooden pallets, you can reuse them in your home for holding items. They can make a great magazine holder. You can also make them a part of your kitchen to put spice containers on. This can be a unique accessory for your home.

7. Shoe rack

While your good shoes have a nice home in your closet, how many shoes can a closet contain? What about your rough pairs like slippers, jogging sneakers, or your rain boots?  You can make a good shoes rack with wooden pallets for all your everyday shoes. You can get these pallets on wheels, and they can be hidden under your bed. There, you have separated the ugly shoes from the good ones.

8. Coat and Hat hanger

Another creative use of a wooden pallet is making it a coat and hat hanger. All you need to do is to nail the pallet on the wall in a vertical manner. Pin some pegs on it at varying heights, and viola!! A creative and fun addition to your home will leave your guests impressed.

If you are looking for good wooden pallets, Oakland Pallet is a reliable pallets manufacturer in California. This pallet company deals in all kinds of pallets and warehouse accessories. If you are looking for used or discarded wooden pallets to implement any of the above ideas, we would be happy to connect with an establishment that is about to discard pallets. For any queries or quotations, talk to our representative.

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