May 27, 2024

4 QuickBooks Blunders That Businesses Go through and Their Solutions

QuickBooks is indeed a giant in the accounting software arena. Although QuickBooks is an easy-to-use software, the companies still have to make sure that the accounting professionals have proper training and go through the tutorials before using it. When errors are part of accounting, they spell as blunders for business. Nothing less.

The accounting problems were mostly because of the methods adopted to use QuickBooks. So, here is a list of the QuickBooks blunders that impact businesses, along with their solutions.

1- Insensible Version Choice

When it comes to differentiating the different versions of QuickBooks software, many businesses have a standard state of mind – ‘they are more or less the same.’ Fumbling with the options means disturbing the accounting operations and getting unproductive results.

Solution: Analyze the factors, such as the size of your business, infrastructure available, number of users available, etc., to decide on the suitable versions. QuickBooks Pro Hosting takes away all the anxieties of losing the data as cloud service providers have to backup your data on numerous servers geographically placed at strategic locations.

2- Not Taking Backup of QuickBooks Files

In this day and age, data is a critical element of any industry. The accounting process affects the flow of confidential information such as customer data, account information, balance sheets, sales orders, and invoices, among others. The local system that stores the data/files can be damaged at any time, or the OS corrupted.

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Solution: It is recommended to make a backup copy of the QB files in external hardware such as local servers. An even better solution is cloud storage, where the data is hosted on remote cloud servers, and any damage to local hardware does not impact the data.

3- Ignoring Passwords

There is perhaps no accountant who lets anyone access the accounting Document without prior permission. If you are not playing safe with allowing users and setting a strong password to limit the access, then you are just letting the details go public. The consequence of which is a tremendous loss for the business.

Solution: QuickBooks has some reasonable security and privacy features. QuickBooks hosting lets accountants access their files safely on Hosted VDI through the Internet anytime from the device of their choice—laptop, iPad, MacBook, and more. You can use these privacy features to keep your data and details secure and protected. So, always set up user access cautiously and never disclose your password to anyone.

4- Going by Default Mode

QuickBooks aims to support a maximum number of customers, and its default settings are meant for that. However, each company has some specific requirements, and that requires a little tweak with the settings for optimized performance.

They end up meeting with some errors or accomplishing several tasks manually. This can be very time-consuming and eventually, it restricts the abilities of QuickBooks, and users believe QuickBooks is of no real help.

Solution: Take some time to look at what QuickBooks offers in settings. There is no damage in going through the help manuals available. And you always have the option to reach the QB support.

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Once employees explore all the features and get used to the functioning, the QB software can be used to their advantage. Hosting providers like Apps4Rent are prominent in providing a broad variety of cloud solutions. They even assist in different migrations services like the process of google workspace to Microsoft 365 migration and will help you in selecting the right version of QuickBooks according to your business needs.