July 19, 2024
Types of Lighting and Décor

Types of Lighting and Décor they are Suitable for

So, there are quite a lot of people who don’t care about the kind of lighting they have in their homes. For them, lighting is nothing but a solution to darkness. The purpose and idea of lighting are to illuminate the surroundings and that’s pretty much it. If a bulb stops working, they’ll get a replacement. Any kind of bulb will work for them because they don’t notice the temperature of light, its impacts, and its aura.

Sorry to break it for them, but in this blog, we are going to talk about the different types of lights, their temperatures, and the settings in which they are used. Lighting is a lot more than illuminating a place. It speaks volumes about your personality; hence it is a form of expression, a functional requirement as well as an opportunity to make your place more appealing. Let’s begin with the types of lighting there are and the kind of interior they are suitable for.

1. Yellow Light for Industrial style

It might sound off-putting to have an industrial-style home, but this type of décor influences lofts and warehouses. It uses a lot of wood and metal set against a neutral or earthy color scheme. With high ceilings and dangling light fixtures, this style of the interior should have minimalist light fixtures. Dangling Edison bulbs or bulbs attached to chains will complement the décor and style. As it uses Edison bulbs, the lighting has to be more warm and yellow. Due to Edison bulbs, the light can be intense and direct. Luckily there are many varieties of warm bulbs available. They do not emit intense light which makes you uncomfortable. Instead, they emit directional light to illuminate and highlight different spaces of your home.

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2. Warm Lighting for Rustic Decor

Warm light, also known as yellow light, is produced in the 2000K to 3000K range on the light color. Considered romantic, this light is soothing for eyes, and flattering for skin tones. It also enhances the overall feel and vibe of a place and makes it more warm and cozy. For the same reason, warm light is preferred for living spaces, romantic restaurants, and so on.

Houses with rustic décor majorly install warm lighting in the living space. Rustic décor is an ode to outdoors, farmhouses, and industrial designs. Places with rustic interiors rely on the use of rough wood, leather, ropes, stone, and leather. To make their use aesthetically appealing, they are used with a modern touch. You can use yellow lights or warm bulbs in chandeliers, and pendant lights made of metal or wood for an enhanced rustic feel. Bulbs under 3000k are perfect for rustic-style spaces as they can help achieve the required warmth and ambiance. There are a lot of options in which you can install these warm bulbs. Check them out here.

3. Warm-cool boundary light for Modern Décor

Warm lights cannot be installed in washrooms, kitchens, and other spaces where you need brighter light. These places need white or cooler light for remaining functional and operational. This brings us to the mid-century décor which was more focused on making a living place functional. With its shape and simple silhouettes, it aims at benefitting from the available space to its maximum extent.

So, you can add more to your modern décor by installing the right kind of lighting. It can enhance appearance while keeping the ambiance functional. Warm lights, up to 3000K, are perfect for modern décor homes. You can install bulbs in chandeliers, sconces, and floor lighting for a cozy yet functional ambiance. To keep the sleek and minimal décor, go for straight-line chandeliers made of metal. For a more soft lighting and ambiance, you can throw in a paper lantern also so that they can soften the light by diffusing it. This way, you will have the same amount of light but it won’t be direct or intense.

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4. Cool light for Vintage Décor

Inspired by antique French design, the vintage decor has a very rustic yet soft feel to it. It is more feminine in its feel and appearance. The décor includes gold touches and cool lighting to enhance its distinguished features such as white walls and overfilled sofas. The aim is to have a place that oozes a classic vibe, has a vintage appearance, and looks super comfortable. To make the place functional and to make up for the white wall, medium-temperature lighting is used. The lighting should be in a medium Kelvin range i-e from 3100K and 4500K. This lighting range is from “cool white” to “bright white”. The higher temperature side i-e 4500K appears tinted. It has a somewhat bluish shade which makes the white walls look cleaner and brighter. The lighting brightens up the space while adding to its functionality.

Final Words

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