July 19, 2024
Test Management Tools

Top 6 Best Test Management Tools (Updated 2022)

Data testing or data management tools enhance the quality of software and help the organization in many ways. Fulfilling the needs of the test process without human intervention, or making the non-production data that mimics actual data is done through data management tools. The developers performed tests on the system rigorously because of reliable, non-productive data. Through these management tools, you can scramble the data, generate synthetic data, refresh the data, extract the data and perform data profiling as well. In this way, the efficiency of developers increased in project testing and development. All the management, storing, planning, maintaining source codes, designing, and testing of software is included in these tools. The main concern of the developer is to check the quality of the software and data management tools found very helpful as they can store and rules the files produced during testing. The testing reports, separation of production data from test data, optimizing the software, minimizing the size of software, are all these processes implemented through test data tools.


DATPROF is a tool that has all the features, a developer look for, such as data masking, data sub-setting, data provisioning, and synthesis of test data generation. It is a simple tool to use and can perform entire complex tasks easily. You do not need any complex tool for testing if you have DATPROF. Simplicity and the ability to resolve all the essential data issues with amazing technology made this tool user-friendly. It also provides self-service platforms to the developers that allow them to test or integrate data provisioning and refresh their environment within the API.

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2. Delphix

Delphix is a tool, which can integrate with other tools and data sources. It provides the platform for developers to test the complaint and realistic data. The tool is capable of masking, data provisioning, version control, and virtual testing. There are many other advantages of this tool that is necessary for the testing environment. It has user-friendly features and is easy to use, although the data creation is not as strong as other features but still a very common tool used by developers. It is not a free tool but the pricing is according to the usage and the site charged you annually.

3. Informatica

This tool allows the tester to generate sets of test data that are needed in testing. The key features of Informatica are data masking, compliance reporting, data sub-setting, enhanced testing quality and productivity, the discovery of sensitive data, classification of data, self-service portals, and many others. It also provides automatic data provisioning that increases the efficiency of data testing. A free trial is offered by the tool, which enables the developers or organizations to evaluate before taking the premium ship. The tool is also known for its strong privacy policy and high-quality data, which made this tool, stand out among other tools.

4. PractiTest

PractiTest is another test management tool with end-to-end encryption. The tool shows complete visibility of the testing process and results. The focus of the tool is to provide a deeper understanding of data testing or testing results. A flexible tool allows the QA team to make changes and customization according to them. Organize the data in such a manner that you can find anything in a matter of a few seconds. You can customize the fields, issue workflow, and reuse tests to differentiate the results of different software. It has great visualization property with advanced features of the dashboard that provides methodological support and speedy process to the user.

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5. Data Maker (CA Test Data Manager)

Data maker is one of the powerful and popular tools in test data management. It creates the test data as fast as possible and provides everything to the developer that is required for software testing. The tool allows you to test the product against different conditions by generating data from multiple scenarios that are even helpful in future testing. CA test data manager creates small but enough data to perform effective tests. It has storing capacity that removes the hurdle of creating new data repeatedly and makes the process easier.

6. Lisa Solutions

Lisa Solutions can import data from XML, excel sheets; log files, and many other data sources with made this tool unique from the others. The tool is automatic and can provide a functionally accurate virtual dataset with a high level of quality. It provides data stabilization and data masking that protects sensitive data according to the privacy policy. The self-healing feature of this tool enhances the feasibility of virtual test data as well.