April 13, 2024
Upgrade Your Swimming Pool

4 Budget-friendly Ways to Upgrade Your Swimming Pool

Suppose you have moved into a place which has a swimming pool. It is not in perfect condition, but you can’t do much about it. A full-fledged swimming pool renovation is extremely costly, and you can’t afford it at this point because you have just moved in.

To have a pool on your property was not even your preference at any point, but somehow you got stuck with it, and there is no escaping from such a situation.

Would you start the process of finding the right property all over?

Would you put aside significant funds for pool remodeling?

Would you hire pool plumbing contractors and ask them to get rid of it, at once?

All of these options are costly and time-consuming. Moreover, you have just gone through the process of moving, which was pretty hectic and full of hassle. And now, you don’t find that kind of energy in yourself to engage in another project like this.

We are here to save you from the worry and trouble of being stuck with an old, outdated, and ugly swimming pool.

In this blog, we have talked about 4 ways to upgrade your swimming pool without spending much of your budget on pool plumbing contractors.

Before we begin, let us state that some of these options might require you to invest a big chunk of funds in them but, this is worth spending because, in the long run, they will provide relief by minimizing overall expense, cost, and maintenance.

1. Install energy-efficient machinery

Pool-related machinery and gadgets consume a lot of energy. Pool pumps, filters, lights, bubbling machines, fountains, heaters, and other machines use power extravagantly. While you can skip turning on those machines that enable water features, such as fountain and bubble machine, other appliances cannot be overlooked. If you decide to keep these machines off, they affect the functionality of the pool.

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For example, there is no way you would want to take a dip in cold water during winter. For healthy swimming, you will require heaters that can make water bearable. Heaters consume a lot of energy, and they can put you’re a lot of strain on your utility bills. Therefore, it is important to use energy-efficient machineries such as solar lights, and energy-efficient pumps or filters. They will not only upgrade your pool, and boost the performance and functionality, but also help you save on energy consumption and their reflection in utility bills.

2. Go for an automated system

This might sound like an over-the-top kind of up-gradation but it is worth each penny. Swimming pools are meant to be posh and luxurious. There are many ways of upgrading your swimming pool with innovative accessories and features available in the market. For example, you can have an automatic pool cover, pool cleaning robots, automatic lights, smart heating technology, and so on. These innovations keep your pool in good condition, help you save on utility bills, and free you from the hassle of micromanaging everything. You can have an all-in-one pool automation system that can be controlled through a tablet or smartphone.

3. Install ambiance lighting

Changing the lighting of your swimming pool can improve its overall appearance and feel. You can make the pool area a perfect romantic spot, an oasis, and a party place by using the right kind of lights. Flashlights, spotlights, and floodlights are not energy-efficient therefore they can increase energy consumption as well as utility bills cost. These days there are many varieties of fancy lights which are cost-effective, energy-efficient and they last for a long time as compared to ordinary lights. LED lights are available in various colors and feel. You can pick out a nice lighting layout by collaborating with your pool contractors and designers.

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4. New floors, new feel

Swimming pools can be made pretty fancy by changing the surface or flooring. It requires ample budget but you would love this improvement in your property. If you have moved into a place that has an uneven surface, or which needs repairs, we strongly recommend plastering or surfacing to enhance the appearance of your property. There are many options available for plastering. You can pick the texture and color from a wide pallet. And if you want to go big about it, you can include adding features such as stones, a waterfall, statues, and sitting arrangements. Your pool plumbing contractor can also come up with his suggestions to add more value to your pool.

Final Words

Swimming Pool Renovation can make a property look more aesthetically appealing. There are many options available to enhance the appearance of your pool. Experienced and qualified Pool Plumbing Contractors can guide you in getting the right features for your pool. At Aqua Gunite, you can collaborate with qualified and experienced pool contractors to make your property more beautiful and appealing. To get a quote for your required services or for swimming pool renovation, talk to our pool plumbing contractor